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Reviews from awesome customers like you make our business grow better! 

5 star award

Kevin Tabron

R.T.O Entertainment is an experience. I was able to express myself through my art in a relaxing, non-judgment, helpful environment. The staff are not robots lol. They give great constructive feedback and are willing to help in any way possible. I definitely recommend anyone who is willing to grow and become the true artist they are meant to be!


Fernando Campos

Great experience recording my voice acting demo! Friendly and fun to work with the space was nice and I will def use this place moving forward to record



R.T.O Entertainment is my favorite place to record my music at. The engineer there Mac, Is super kind and helpful throughout the recording process. The service is unmatched and the quality of the gear you’re recording with is top notch so you have an amazing sound even without mixing and mastering! I do everything there including my mixing/mastering because the engineer is really good at getting a sense of what you’re looking for and delivering it right back to you. 10/10 recommend!


Rayner G

R.T.O. Entertainment is a special space for any creative energy. Apart from the professional atmosphere, talented team, and esthetically pleasing vibe, what made its strongest impression on me was how welcoming and open to collaboration the team was. I recorded my first album with them, and had them mix and master it as well. The Album, MAN(I)FEST, has gotten excellent reviews, and is of high industry quality. They helped me with everything from song structure to melodies, and even created a safe space for me to work on lyrics and bounce ideas off of my producer and engineer. This place knows what it means to be an artist and has an energy I've not experienced anywhere else. I'm grateful and will definitely be coming back to work with them. I recommend them to any creative trying to bring a project to life. Thanks R.T.O.!!! BIG LOVE to all of you!

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